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Corbon .357 Magnum DPX Tests Coming Soon...

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Hello. I got my hands on some of the new Corbon DPX ammunition in .357 magnum. Without letting any cats out of any bags, I've already noticed a couple of things that seem very encouraging.

Here is a disassembled cartridge. The unknown powder weighs in at 7.8 grains and the bullet weighed 125.1 grains.

I'll see what it does with regards to expansion, accuracy, felt recoil and other areas of concern for ammunition intended to be used in the serious business of self-defense.

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ELB: No, I was never an engineer, but majored in physics and math. Maybe that explains it? Hahhahahhahha!

roadster: "DPX" stands for Deep Penetrating X-bullet. The X-bullet, a homogeneous copper alloy bullet was first used in rifle rounds and having seen them used, can attest to their deep penetrating characteristics. Rifle rounds form an "X" shape when expanded as they fold back into four "petals." The handgun bullets have six petals, but the "X" designation stayed.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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