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Hello. Today I got the opportunity to run several rounds of this new mid-power .357 Magnum load through 3 revolvers.

I used a 4" Model 28 to see how the load handled from this barrel length and this large frame revolver. I didn't go longer than 4" since this ammo is intended for self-protection and barrels are usually 4" or less. The shortest barrel tried was on a 2 1/2" S&W Model 19 and it was used to "represent" the snubs out there as well as to see how recoil was from the mid-sized magnum revolver that was so popular for decades. Finally, my 3 1/16" Ruger SP101 was used as an example of the more compact 3" guns toted by many revolver fans. Certainly this won't be an "exact fit" for everyone, but it's as close as I could come.

Corbon has been expanding its line of DPX ammunition, which uses the Barne's homogeneous copper alloy hollow point bullet. It is not intended as a full-power load, but one that can be shot rapidly in smaller revolvers now popular with some shooters.

The DPX was fired into super-saturated newsprint as well as water and compared to several other .357 loads, including the mid-range .357 Remington 125-gr. Golden Saber and the full-power Remington 125-gr. SJHP as well as Winchester's 145-gr. Silvertip.

The expanded DPX at the bottom of the picture was fired into water. The next one was recovered from super-saturated newsprint. All the rest were fired into the wet newsprint. From top to bottom: Remington 125-gr. Golden Saber, Winchester 145-gr. STHP, and Remington 125-gr. SJHP (fragmented).

Accuracy testing was done slow-fire while seated using a rest at both 15 and 25 yards. If it is accurate at these distances, it should be plenty accurate at the distances that most private citizens might find themselves in a deadly force scenario.

Corbon's 125-gr. DPX load grouped nicely with all three test revolvers.

Based on 10 shots fired 10' from the chronograph, the following results were obtained:

S&W Model 19 w/2 1/2" bbl:
Average Velocity: 1133 ft/sec
Std. Deviation: 21

Ruger SP101 w/3 1/16" bbl:
Average Velocity: 1176 ft/sec
Std. Deviation: 24

S&W Model 28 w/4" bbl:
Average Velocity: 1196 ft/sec
Std. Deviation: 27

Felt recoil, albeit subjective, was not bad in any of the weapons. It was a tiny bit "snappier" in the Ruger with its smaller frame and grip, pleasant in the K-frame snub, and literally a "cream puff" out of the N-frame.

For those having an interest in this ammunition, a more detailed report on all aspects of my informal look at this load, follow the link below:



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Thank you for another informative report. I very much liked seeing the different chrono readings for the different barrel lengths - that's very handy info.

I'd been wondering about this load. Based on your slower-than-I'd-have-expected chrono readings, I think I'll take a pass, but the expansion certainly can't be beat.
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