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Cor Bon DPX in Kahr PM9

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I bought a box of 9mm Cor Bon DPX for my Kahr PM 9.
I shot a few Winchester white box 115 gr.'s through it.
Then, I loaded a clip with the CorBons.

I was surprised at how mild the recoil was. I perceived it to be more pleasant to shoot than the practice ammunition.

They were great in the PM 9. I certainly expected them to recoil more.

Are they all like this?

Now, this may sound strange, but I could swear I saw sparks, not flash a couple of times. Has anyone experienced that?

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Hello. The DPX is not a particularly fast load, something in the 1250 ft/sec range from a Hi Power, but I'm told that is because the bullet expands as designed and provides penetration over 12" but not excessively so. Higher velocity would only cause it to penetrate more. By contrast, Corbon's full-throttle 115-gr. JHP +P does recoil a bit more, but averages 1411 ft/sec from the same gun.


I chrono'd some DPX thru my Kahr P-9. Didn't notice any sparks. I don't recall the recoil being either significantly mild or harsh, either.

As for its "mildness" -- Altho it is labeled "+P", according to my notes out of 9 types of ammo I chrono'd in my Kahr P-9, the DPX was the sixth fastest. Its velocity was surpassed by a couple or three non-+P factory loads, including CCI Blazer 115gr and Speer Lawman 115 gr practice ammo. Theres another thread around here where we discussed the fact that the +P rating does not correspond tightly to velocity.

I believe DPX's claim to fame is not its velocity, but its ability to reliably expand AFTER penetrating various barriers. I haven't checked this out myself, but if you go search around in Marshall's website (Stoppingpower.net, I think), or especially John Farnam's "Quips" at defense-training.com, you find some examples of Corbon DPX going thru cloth, glass, and other materials and still expanding reliably in gelatin - - and maybe even more important, it seems to not deviate from its original path all that much. I have read that typical handgun bullets will deflect quite a bit when fired thru windshield glass, for example, but that DPX will pretty much stay on track.

Happy shooting!



Out of my Kahr P-9, I got the following velocities:

DPX 115 +P- 1076
CCI Blazer 115 - 1091
Speer Lawman 115 - 1127
Speer GDHP 115 (NOT the +P version) - 1174

Out of my Hi Power

DPX 115 +P - 1149
CCI Blazer 115 - 1174
Speer Lawman 115 - 1255
Speer GDHP 115 (NOT the +P version) - 1299

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Thanks so much Mr. Camp and ELB.
I'm still amazed at how pleasant this was out of my little Kahr.
I'm anxious to see how it would feel out of my HiPower of Sig.

I was about to get the Speer short barrel 9mm, but saw the Cor Bon and thought I'd try it.

By the way, has anyone purchased ammo from GT Distributors? They have really good prices, almost too good to be true. Fifty rounds of Gold Dot for the price of 20.

Thanks again for the comments.
I use the Speer's SB 124+ in my PM9. Recoil is about the same as the 115gr. Fiocchi I use for practice. No sparks. I believe Speer relies on its bullet construction to get penertration and expansion at relatively low velocities a 3" barrel will produce. As far as I can tell, the DPX goes for about $5-$6 more for a box of 20 than the Speer.
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