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Cor-Bon 9mm and .40 S&W Documented Shooings?

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Seems I'm on a roll with the .40 hear lately.
The 135 grain (JHP) Cor-Bon .40 S&W ammo clocks 1,389 FPS from my BHP Practical.
The 9mm 115 grain +P (JHP) clocks 1,382 FPS from my C&S custom 9mm.
My CZ-75B gives almost identical results.

Does anyone have a source of documented shootings with either or both rounds?

Trying to get a feel for "real" performance.

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Hello. I cannot help you with the forty. I can cite a couple of cases but can give you no documentation other than first-hand reports as told to me by the shooter using the Corbon 115-gr. +P on two separate opponents.

Essentially one was shot in the head and was done right then. (The man doing the shooting was surprised that at least part of the bullet exited the skull. I was surprised too.)

In the second instance, the shootee caught one center chest and another as he dropped from the first shot. Neither exited the torso from the unobstructed frontal shots and he immediately fell, something that cannot be counted upon, but did occur in this instance.

In both of these shootings, the handgun used was a Glock 19. Since I cannot provide documentation, I reckon these would be called anecdotal. Be that as it may, the instances did occur and might be of some use even though statistically not significant due to the low number and one being a brain hit.

Never shot anyone, once I thought I might have to, hope I never have to be in that situation again. I can tell you though that Cor-Bon tends to load some hot ammo in their +P variety.

Corbon 125gr 9mm +P listed at 1250 ft/sec acutally chronos at average between 1250 and 1300 ft/sec This is one of the few brands of ammo that actually has on average a higher muzzle velocity than advertised. Not badly priced either

I can assume that Cor-Bon's performace in real world shooting is pretty stellar
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No data on humans, but I did shoot a whitetail in the neck with a 115 gr Cor-Bon JHP. The bullet struck the spine and either killed or stunned the spinal cord and it dropped like a stone. Finished it quickly with one to the head. I recovered the bullet, lodged in one of the cervical vertebral bodies. The vertebra was fractured into multiple pieces. FWIW.
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