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I was having coffee with a couple of friends, when a trooper from the WSP (Washington State Patrol) joined us. The subject turned to concealed carry and I mentioned that I carried two pistols in my car. the Trooper wondered why I would carry two guns.

So. I explained that I carried the small light 5 round Taurus .38 Special so that I could drop it in a pocket when I was going into a Seven/Eleven or some such.

That brought me to the .45. I said that suppose I came upon a scene where a perp was fighting with a State Trooper that needed assistance. If the .45 did not intimidate him into stopping, a round through the head usually worked!!!

Needless to say that he thought it was a very good idea!!!!

Now, I am no Rambo., however I have seen the elephant..... When you pull the trigger in any of the above scenarios, two things immediately come into play!

The Rule of Unintended Consequences, and Murphys Law.

SOOOO, never pull the trigger, unless it is the ONLY thing left, and as a last resort. :-[


I think there are very good arguments to be made in favor of primary and secondary handguns. I've just completed a survey of some state and local agencies here regarding their issue weapons and backup and off-duty policies. Without getting too specific, I was glad to see that the majority of agencies with whom I spoke authorize backup guns and have regular qualifications with them.

I've read about and heard about too many combat events in which a backup gun saved the day to think that backups are not needed. If you carry a revolver for a primary, the BUG is the fastest reload. Otherwise, it gives you a way to keep effectively fighting if your primary is taken away, jams or breaks in the middle of the event. Incidentally, it is not at all uncommon for your opponent's rounds to hit your firearm and render it, and probably your strong hand, ineffective or even useless, because your opponent, like you, is focussing on the threat...your gun. In such a case, a backup gun can be a lifesaver.

I think we're well past the time when police chiefs automatically thought "throw-down piece" when an officer carried a backup.

I know that in these politically correct times, no one wants to appear too trigger happy, but the concept and carry of a BUG is simply too important to let political correctness jam it up.

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