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My dad had a colt python registered (legal) by the army that he gave to me as a Xmas gifth some years ago.
It's a colt royal blue 4 incher wearing hogue rubber monogrips.
Some 18 months ago my smith recomend me to buy a Trapper's main spring to get a lighter da pull, so I did and the gun basically has been in the safe for that period of time.

The trapper's main spring didn't work cause even the da trigger pull was light once in every 6 rounds the gun missfired so I put back the original colt mainspring.

I'm going to recheck with this mainspring and if the guns fire ok I will take her to my home to defend my family if some bad guys try to mess with it.

The gun is loaded with silvertips, but given I only have one round of them I will swith to Aguila SP .38 spl standard velocity, I mean it's better tan fmj's.

Here in Mexico we don't have many chances or choices about ammo and the ammo that we can get is almost all the time fmj.


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Hello, Manny. Good luck on the mainspring and hopefully you will not need to use this fine revolver in a fight. If you do, may God guide your bullets to their intended target.

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