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I thought it was an Iver Johnson pistol that was called the Cadet before the Colt, which caused the name change. Oh well, no matter.

I don't know how many First Editions were made, but since the baby is asleep on my lap and I'm stuck here, I did some looking.
I still don't know how many were First Editions, but learned some things you might find useful.

Supposedly, the Beretta Neos U22 pistol is a near-direct copy of the Colt 22. Whether it was intentional, accidental, or Colt sold the design to them, I don't know.
Someone claimed the recoil spring, trigger spring, firing pin spring, and sear spring from a Neos can be used in the Colt.
A LOT of people are evidently using Beretta Neos magazines in their Colts. The Beretta's magazine baseplate is a little thicker, so doesn't fit flush, but it works. At one time, CDNN had Beretta Neos magazines for 16.99.
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