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Hi Guys, I picked up a Colt 22 pistol last weekend but I am not finding much about production numbers. It is a Colt 22 pistol, stainless ,with polymer frame. I know it was made in 1995 because the target is dated. Now the Colt 22 is fairly common, though out of production. This one is different and is marked "First Edition 22". I am trying to figure out how many First Edition 22 s were made and what the value is. It is not in my 2004 Fjestad's blue book, though they do mention the few marked Cadet. That was stopped over a lawsuit since some Helwan's were brought in under that name. Tim

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I thought it was an Iver Johnson pistol that was called the Cadet before the Colt, which caused the name change. Oh well, no matter.

I don't know how many First Editions were made, but since the baby is asleep on my lap and I'm stuck here, I did some looking.
I still don't know how many were First Editions, but learned some things you might find useful.

Supposedly, the Beretta Neos U22 pistol is a near-direct copy of the Colt 22. Whether it was intentional, accidental, or Colt sold the design to them, I don't know.
Someone claimed the recoil spring, trigger spring, firing pin spring, and sear spring from a Neos can be used in the Colt.
A LOT of people are evidently using Beretta Neos magazines in their Colts. The Beretta's magazine baseplate is a little thicker, so doesn't fit flush, but it works. At one time, CDNN had Beretta Neos magazines for 16.99.
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