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I've a chance to pick up a very nice Delta Elite 10mm. It's the blued version and is a clean gun except for holster wear. I'll be looking at it more closely this week. If it checks out I guess I'll have to make it the 4th 10mm I've owned. The main thing I want to check for is overall mechanical condition and check the locking lugs. I seem to remember that the Colt 10mm's had three locking lugs, vice the usual two lug version.

Jim and others that have experience with the Delta Elite can you comment on longevity, etc. Things that add to longevity would be nice to know about, too.

Why do a I need the DE? Easy! I've still got 4 boxes of factory ammo for one...


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My Deltas have 2 locking lugs.

The recoil spring is one of those double spring affairs with a plastic guide.

Simply look at the barrel lugs up on top for peening as well as the recoil shoulder inside the frame where the recoil spring guide seats (since it is plastic I would be surprised if there was any.

I have had zero problems from my Delta Elites, the Super .38 I converted or the Giles .38 Special I converted. But I don't shoot them nearly as much as I do my .45s so I cannot tell you positively that it will hold up for 100,000 rounds or more.

Good luck!
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