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Hey All,

I had somewhat of a close call tonight.

I was at the local Knights of Columbus hall helping to set up my sister's wedding reception. I went out to get some ice and paper towels and when I got back, I noticed a primer gray beat up Chevy truck parked across from, and diagonal to, my sis's and brother - in - law's vehicle.

I backed in so I could keep an eye on the occupant. He was in much the same shape as his truck. I got the ice and paper towels inside, grabbed a Mountain Dew, and went back outside. The K of C is on the edge of the city and so it doesn't have the best lighting, only a few of those yellow lamps. The parking lot is also in a depression and is largely hidden from the street.

The guy was now out of the truck and pacing the lot 25 to 50 yards away, varying with his pacing. I kept the car between him and myself for a few minutes. I was satisfied he wasn't a threat and went around to the other side of the car for a better view. I lit a cigar, drank Mountain Dew, leaned on the car and observed.

I got much more alert when I saw a glint in his left hand. It was too big to be a watch. It looked more like the lights glinting off chrome. Oh boy.

I put the Mountain Dew down, kept the cigar (switched it to my right hand though), and called out to see if he needed help. He answered that he was there for the dance, had a date on the way, and had no way to contact her. I had blown cover so I used a casual look as concealment and worked my way back around the car. I kept him talking the whole time. He said there's always a dance on the first Saturday of each month and nobody told him different.

I got inside and got a cellphone. I grabbed my bro - in - law (a Navy man), explained the situation, got back outside ready to dial his date's number, and saw that the character had skinned out.

I made a series of mistakes starting when I blew my initial cover. I should have just called the police. But... I still have the (likely stupid) habit of giving people the benefit of the doubt and helping them out when I can.

I have no doubt drug deals go down at night there, given the location, lighting and layout. That's probably what this was, or perhaps worse. Either way I ran him off, looks like.

Instead of listing all my friggin' mistakes I'll let the members here pick apart my actions. I've probably missed some goofs and everybody can learn that way.

Josh <><
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