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Chrono Report: Various 9mm in P-9 and HP

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For those of you interested in such things, below are some measurements for various types of 9mm ammunition that I fired through my FN Herstal SFS-HP and my Kahr P-9.

According to the specs in their respective owner's manuals:
- the Hi Power has a 4.6" barrel, of which 4" are rifled. (It appears the 0.6" portion is the chamber)
- the P-9 is spec'd with a 3.5" barrel, with polygonal rifling, but the book doesn't say if this is the rifled length or rifling plus chamber. Pulling out the tape measure and the assembled pistol, it appears the latter is the case, and the actual rifled barrel is about 3" long. (I am too lazy to field strip it and pull out the calipers right now.)

The AV Diff (Average Velocity Difference) and SD Diff (Standard Deviation Difference) are the P-9 numbers subtracted from the Hi Power numbers, i.e. the CCI Blazer line should be read "the Hi Power average velocity was 84 fps greater, and its standard deviation 7 fps greater, than the P-9."

Generally I measured 10 shot strings. Occasionally I tossed a measurement if I was convinced there was a measurement error. For instance, I clocked one round at well over 2000 fps
. Don't think so. The chronograph can be fooled by stray shadows sometimes.

The chrono is a Competition Plus by Competition Electronics. Bought it about 10 years ago for about $80 to $100, don't remember exactly. Stood it 10 feet from the muzzled and let 'er rip. Carefully.

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Ammo Pistol AV SD AV Diff SD Diff
CCI Blazer 115gr FMJ P-9 1091 6
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ELB, thank you for your kind effort in posting your results. Very interesting reading.
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