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Went to the range today with a new Kel-Tec P-3AT to break it in. Probably will have another post elsewhere on my thoughts about the pistol itself, but I did chronograph some ammo I ran through it. So for you folks who like numbers, here's what I got.

MagTech 95gr FMC

Avg Vel = 833
SD = 12
Hi = 852
Lo = 820
Es = 32

Based on 30 measurements. I had 2 failures to eject. These were the first 30 rounds I put thru the gun.

Independence 90gr FMJ

Avg Vel = 775
SD = 36
Hi = 813
Lo = 724
Es = 89

Based on 30 measurements. I had one failure-to-eject out of this group - this was the second 30 rounds I put thru the gun.

Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement 95gr SXT HP

Avg Vel = 800
SD = 26
Hi = 848
Lo = 763
Es = 85

Based on 24 measurements. No failures to eject, nor any other malfunctions. Was noticeably easier to group well with this ammo. Of course, by this time I was getting a little more practiced at hanging onto a litttle bitty gun, and I was only standing about 5 yards away from the target, at most.

I thought the Winchester Ranger LE stuff would've shown the least variation, but MagTech wins that game. I will no doubt tinker with other brands, but if I were to make serious decisions right now, I would use the MagTech as practice ammo for the Winchester Ranger. However, I will try some others, and really want to try out the Corbon DPX for this caliber.

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