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I tried out some different ammo in my FN Herstal SFS-HP .40 S&W today, and chronographed most of it. For you numbers fiends, here's what I got:

CCI Blazer Brass 180 gr FMJ

Avg Vel = 990
SD = 10
Hi = 1008
Lo = 963
ES = 45

I measured 30 shots. Nice SD for practice ammo, I think.

Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement 180 gr JHP

Avg Vel = 1002
SD = 11
Hi = 1022
Lo = 983
ES = 39

I measured 30 shots.

I noticed that this Ranger ammo, unlike the .380 and 9mm versions, was not marked as having an SXT bullet. Sure enough, the bullet looks different. Here's a picture of the three calibers together, from right to left, .380, 9mm, and ol' fat forty:

It is a little fuzzy, but the two SXT bullets on the left have a semi-crenellated tip, with skive marks on the side - the .40 round just looks like someone sawed off the tip of the bullet. It does have five skive marks. (and the case is a very faint brass color, rather than nickel like the other two.

Anyone know why the .40 Ranger LE ammo didn't get the SXT bullet? Maybe a lower weight class in .40 has it?

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