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While I had the stuff set up for chrono'ing the new Kel-Tec, I also had my trusty FN SFS-HP 9mm with me, as well as some Winchester Ranger Law Enforcement 9mm 127 grain +P+ SXT Hollowpoint rip-snortin' fire-breathing ammo that I bought at the gun show last weekend. Always wanted to try it out. Here's what my chronograph picked up:

Avg Vel = 1253
SD = 12
Hi = 1271
Lo = 1235
ES = 26

I measured 10 shots. I did not fire any other 9mm today to directly compare with, but I have put 1400+ rounds of varying weights thru this gun, and this didn't seem noticeably snappier than what I have done before.

But it was fun!

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