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Hello. I recently received two boxes of CheyTac .45 ACP Law Enforcement Ammunition from Mr. Anthony Taylor. I was totally unfamilar with this ammunition and somewhat surprised at the bullet's profile.

The bullet weighs a reported 150-gr. and is of a proprietary copper/nickel alloy that is machined in house. The case is from Winchester and is so marked. The bullet is seated very securely and set back should not be a problem with this ammunition.

This ammunition was fired from two pistols, a SIG-Sauer P220 and a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec, at distances of 10 and 15 yards in both slow, aimed fire using a rest and in in controlled pairs and failure to stop drills.

The ammo was fired from the SA pistol's 7-shot factory magazine and a McCormick 8-shot PowerMag. The factory 7-round SIG-Sauer magazine was used exclusively in that pistol.

Average bullet velocity was measured with 10 shots fired approximately 10' from the chronograph screens.

SA Mil-Spec w/5" bbl: 1215 ft/sec

SIG-Sauer P220 w/4.25" bbl: 1212 ft/sec

It appears that the quick burning powder sacrifices nothing when going down 3/4" or so in barrel length.

If interested, a detailed report is here:


For those interested in contacting the company:

Phone: (208) 527-8614

Email: [email protected]

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