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Hey Corky,

Don't take it too hard, neighbor. You are in good company. I learned the lesson of having more than one caliber of ammo on the bench at the same time in a similar fashion.......I tried to chamber a .243 Winchester round in to a 7X57mm rifle. Luckily it didn't fit.....remember I said not to take it too hard? Here's why:

Several years ago a friend and I were instructing a class in our state's concealed carry course at a local range. My friend and partner was the armorer and chief firearms instructor for a good size local police department for 28 years and was also one of the best pistol smiths I've ever seen. He had done some repair work on a .40 caliber auto pistol for a fellow and we decided to test fire it after all the students had gone home. He fired most of a mag before he figured out why it was throwing bullets five feet off at 25 yards, and guess what, yep, he had loaded the mag with 9mm rounds. I'll bet there's not one guy on this forum who hasn't either done something similar or come mighty close to it. It goes with having guns of several calibers in which the cartridges tend to look similar. And look at the bright side......you learned something very important and didn't get hurt doing it.

If it was me, I'd have the pistol looked at by a good smithy just to be safe. Firing a smaller cartridge than a gun was chambered for may or may not damage a semiautomatic pistol, depending on the gun and the calibers involved. But it's not a safe thing to do in most cases. Hope this helps and happy SIGging.

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