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Welcome to the club :-/

don't be to hard on yourself but instead treat it as a very good lesson.
i have seen many times at work the wrong ammo being loaded into the wrong guns, and have also done it myself.

one example was a live 357 round stuck in a 44magnum lever action barrel. the gun sat in the locker with this round down the spout for 6 days. only to be discovered when the next person who used the rifle tried to load the 44mag. fortunately it would not allow the breach to close but i hate to think what would have happened if it had have set of the primers??
:-[ lucky for us the person in question quit his job not long after as he continually issued wrong ammo.

Ive also seen 9mms go off in .40Cal's and 357Sig's too without any ill effects (so far)

another one to watch out for and just as equally as important happened to me just 3 days ago.

i loaded a 9mm into a Glock 17. the shell in question had a "proud primer". i racked the slide and when the breach closed the bullet fired. there was no fire pin indent on the case, the breach block simply fell onto the primer and set it off. lucky for me the gun was down range in a safe direction, but i was well aware of the situation before loading the gun in any case.

yes probably a silly thing to do. next time i will discard the faulty ammo and send it off to be crushed in an industrial furnace at the reloading factory.

at the end off the day stay alert, ALWAYS practises safe handling methods and DOUBLE check everything.

safe gunning to all, BB.
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