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I have a third gen colt saa in .44 spl in great shape, as long as I know the standard velocity 246 grains RNL is anhemic for personal defense so I was wondering if I can reload .44 spl rounds with a little more punch and usem them in my colt saa.

I mean something around 800-850 fps with a 200 or 240 grains bullet.

Can I damage my great sixgun?


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Gosh, Manny, I would not consider 850 fps with a 240 gr. bullet a +P -- that is a standard load. The cowboy loads are downgraded from this, to around 750 fps, so perhaps this is what you have been experiencing. If you want to go for the 850 fps, and assuming your Colt is in good mechanical condition. you can do so with no worries.
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