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A 1911 or Glock 19 are my CCW's of choice. In a Texas summer, sometimes those choices are "unattractive" in
shorts and sweaty T-shirt weather

So, I'm usually carrying a Keltec P-32 with Hydra-Shoks, a Bersa Thunder .380 in Golden Sabres or an SP101 with the "FBI" load - Winchester 158 gr SWCHP +P. During the summer ALL three of those guns come out to the range with me EVERY time and get practiced with a couple of times a month.

Shot placment with any handgun is critical but probably becomes more so in the "lower tier" of self defense rounds.

But I have seen some pretty good expansion results with the .32 in Hydra-Shoks and the .380 in Golden Sabre - enough to feel that if I can place'em, I'm alot better off that if I had to depend on just my fists
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