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I have seen several articles in the rags about Buffalo Bore coming out with several "midrange" .45 colt loads that are deemed safe in all .45 colt guns. A 255 gr lswc "Keith" bullet at about 1000 fps and a 200 jhp at 1100 fps. I have been using reloads in my S&W mdl 25 with ballistic twins of these loads for years and it is nice to finally see some industry validation that these are safe to use in modern guns that are not of the Ruger platform. These are still plenty powerful loads and while I have not shot the Buffalo Bore loads, I know my reloads show a definite increase in recoil and muzzle blast. John Linebaugh talks about how many deer his wife has taken with a .45 colt at 900 fps and most all of the shots were clean pass throughs. This should open the door for a lot of guys contemplating hunting with their other than Ruger .45's who don't reload.
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