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Buffalo Bore .38spl is Now Here

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This stuff could be the best in standard pressure since NyClad.

[quote:zrmi90ys]Standard Pressure Short Barrel Heavy .38 Special

Standard Pressure, Short Barrel, Lower Recoil, Heavy 38 SPL

Due to customer demand, we
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I'll be getting a box of each as soon as I have some free simoleons, and will report on my experience. Clearly, a box of each is not a scientific experiment, but impressions are helpful too. I'm hoping to hear what others find out as well. I agree with Josh: these could be the best thing since Nyclads. I know that is what Tim intends.
I've fired a box out of my 3" bbl SP 101 - feels almost like a medium power (ie Golden Sabre) .357 round
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Here is a link to the first jello test I've seen on this stuff: http://www.brassfetcher.com/Buffalo%20Bore%20158gr%20(non%20+P)%20SWC-HC.html

Underwhelming expansion but I'd rather have the penetration (14.5") it offers over the 11" or so that others do.

Josh <><
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