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Browning BDM

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Hello all Im new here found this site when I was looking for info on Browning Hi Powers. Im actually looking for information about the Browning BDM pistal but just so happened to see an hi power on one of the sites I was looking at and eventually started reading up on hi powers . Anyone here used or have any experience using a Browning BDM ? or even heard anything bad about one ? I do know from my reading that it shares a few features of the hi power.


The gun Im looking at is in a pawnshop for $350 w/ 1 mag and I believe I can talk them down to $300 or a lil lower. I am a novice gun owner and my first handgun was a new XD 9 1 year ago. I am a little scared to buy a used handgun but have fallen in love with the way the BDM felt in my hand plus I like how slim the gun is. What should I look at when buying a used browning ? I also have the option of buying a new Rock River Arms 1911 $320. It is to my advantage to get the BDM because it is 9mm my ammo costs will stay the same if I shoot but with the 1911 I might not be able to shoot as often with the increased cost of the .45 ammo.

I also think it would be cool to own a gun that is not very common (like a glock or 1911 ). I see myself using the BDM for concealed carry and eventually it will just be part of the collection as I intend to eventually pick up a lil 380 or 357 for conceal.

My true dilema is that fact that in 6 months I intend to buy either another handgun or a rifle and after that it will be 2 years before I buy anything else (long story - wife hates guns and is in school and I agreed not to buy anymore while she is in school since money will be tight).

Im sorry to be so long winded but thats whats on my mind right now..... if all goes well tomorrow evening I should be the owner of a new gun unless it does not check out after I check it to make sure it is mechanically sound.
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Hello and welcome. I do not own a BDM, but have shot a couple or so over the years. Those that I shot worked fine and shot pretty closely to point of aim. I think at least one member here might have one and if he sees this, I suspect that he'll provide more information.

The primary negative I can think of is that spare magazines and parts for these guns are not so plentiful as for others and are higher priced.

Thanks for the info ... at this point the pawnshop did not want to lower the price from $350. Which I refuse to pay over $300 when if I wait 3 weeks I can get a 1911 Rock River Arms new for $310 out the door. First off I was prepared to give $300 for the gun because the finish on the gun was not that pretty and it only comes with one magazine. So I ask the guy how does it come apart .. he starts fumbling with it and ultimately I was like never mind I can do that and after breaking the gun down it was dirty as hell ... uncleaned. His response was we get so many handguns in its hard to keep them all clean ... what a crock! So He was only willing to come down to $325 +tax so I told him no thank you. Oh well I guess that means I was not meant to get that one.
Beakersloco, I am apprehensive of 9mms on a 1911 frame. I own and hold the BDM in high esteem. Why? The only 9mm that is more accurate than my BDM is my Walther P88 and that is good company. If I didn't own a BDM I might very well pay the asking price. The BDM is that good a pistol. Regards, Richard
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I actually still want the gun but at this point in time I just feel better buying a new Rock Island Armory 1911a .45 for $300 then buying a used BDM 9mm for $325 from a pawnshop that does not even check out the guns they sell. I know that I am a novice but you would think that before you put a gun out to sell you would check/clean it which leads me to belive that they probly dont even inspect it before putting it out.

Now I might peek back in thier in a couple of months and if its still thier and I can spare the money might try to buy it again. But after seeing how dirty the gun was I dont stock much faith in buying any gun from that particular pawnshop. I will eventually get one but just not from thier at thier price for a dirty gun.
Beakersloco, you didn't read my post. The only 9mm I have that shoots better than a BDM costs over $900. Think again my friend and give the nice man your money. Regards, Richard: D
Just FYI:

I see that www.cdnninvestments.com has brand new FN BDMs for $349.99. You might want to take a look.
Well at this point it is too late I already went and bought a new RIA 1911a for $320

I understand what you were saying I just dont want to purchase the gun from that pawnshop. The gun was dirty and the finish was not that pretty. The guy tried to feed me the we get so many handguns in that we dont have time to clean them all.

As a novice one of the things I have read is that in many cases a gun is left dirty to mask things like worn out rifling.

This particular shop on average has about 5-10 handguns in the cabinet everytime I visit. With half of them I remember from previous visits(I stop in like every 2 months). I liken it to even if a car salesman sells lots of cars he still has the cars cleaned before he puts them on the lot.

Ultimately I will end up buying one its just a matter of when .... Thanks catbird I will check them out when I get home tonight.
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