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Browning BDA .38 Super

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Friends, I need some help in making a decision. I have located a Browning BDA .38 Super NIB. It is of Sig-Sauer manufacture, closely resembling the Sig 220, although its slide appears to be slimmer. According to my "Blue Book" fewer that 800 were manufactured in the late '70s. As a fan of this caliber I am very tempted, but the $850 asking price gives me pause. Does anyone own one, or merely shot one? What's this pistol's reputation? Thanks for any responses.
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Hello, Corky and congratulations on your pistols. I've never owned a P220 in .38 Super, but have shot one years ago. I don't remember anything other than it fired, hit where it was supposed to (repeatedly) and grouped well.

I do own a P220 in .45 and it's been a very reliable, surprisingly accurate pistol, too.

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