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Long ago I tried phone books and magazines (sometime mixed). I wouldn't go so far as to say the information is useless. All homogenous material is not realistic to a degree, including lab experiments with 10% gelatin.

However, they are certainly different than newsprint and so only data shot in that exact stack of books (or identical ones) would be comparable to other data.

Sort of like Steve posted. Once you shoot enough you get an idea of what to expect from a "standard".

Same with water.

Rather than some magical performance perameter, when I am shooting into any medium, I just want to know how one bullet compares to one I know something about. Personally, I compare my loads to the .45 230 Hydra-shok (5"barrel), the .357 125 gr Remington JHP (from a 4") and the Winchester 158gr +P LSWCSHP (4"). All of these give reasonable performance and if I can get in that range, I am happy.

Jim H.
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