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Just for laughs, years ago when I started some wetpack testing, a famous gunzone writer told me I was doing it all wrong :-[
He lived on the coast and said the only valid wetpack test was soaking phone books in seawater, right in the ocean next to his hut. ::) Since the body is salty, seawater is the only way!!

Anyway, if you want to use phone books just to compare your own ammo, that is fine. You may have to soak them a little longer since the pages are tighter. Also, concern has been expressed about placing the shots too close together in a wetpack. Check DTWilly's thread..... http://www.handgunsandammo.proboards36.com/index.cgi?board=terminal&action=display&thread=1166465129
Phone books are smaller than a box of newspapers so you won't get as many shots.

Go for it! And you will have some great souvenirs to boot!

And try the water bottles too, just be prepared for a big splash!

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