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BHP Holsters by Ross Leather, INC....

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Hello. I recently learned of a company in Florida that's been making affordable leather goods and holsters for approximately 30 years. Their name is Ross Leather, Inc, and the company is located in Bradenton, Florida.

Two holsters for the Browning Hi Power were sent to me for
review. Both are tan in color and suede-lined. While both use thumb break retention systems and fit the Hi Power pistol, the holsters are different.

Shown are the two Hi Power holsters I tried. The belt slide holster is the Model 8S and the other is designated as the Model 5S. They're offered without or without lining.

I wore each holster for the better part of a day each, not a great length of time to be sure, but long enough for me to say that either was comfortable. Both turned the butt of the Hi Power in toward the body so that concealment is less difficult and both held the firearm securely. The thumb break is not essential in retaining the firearm. The fit between the gun and the molded holster was quite snug and well-fitted.

The Ross Leather M8S and Browning Mk III make a very nice "carry package."

For those who might be considering a handgun holster or belt, there is a considerably more detailed report at the link below and contact information is provided.


I was quite favorably impressed with the comfort and performance of these holsters.

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Hello Mr. Camp,

Thanks for the reveiw.

These holsters do look good, I've been thinking about a new holster for my HP's, and I really like the looks of the Model 5S, it looks like it offers quite a bit of protection for the gun, and I also like the idea of the closed muzzle.

What is the belt slot size on these holsters?

Thanks Again,
Hello. I'm glad the post was of interest.

I'll probably call them tomorrow. I have three Ross holsters now: one is for a snubby K frame Smith, one is for the J frame, and one is for the 1911. The big auto holster has an extra bit of material at the inside top to keep the cocked hammer from gouging flesh, which is a really worthwhile feature, but there's no retention strap. Since the BHP has no secondary grip safety, I'm really glad of the thumbbreak on the ones you tried.

The Ross 1911 holster seems to be overly bulky for concealed carry, but what actually happens is that the bulk breaks up the outline of the gun very well.

Considering the quality, the prices are really good.

The Ross is in the two o'clock position, followed by a Mark III BHP in a Dillon "Master," then a stainless Commander in a Master and a Springfield 1911 in O'Rourke. The Operator at noon has no holster.
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