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bersa ? its really good ?

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i dont understand ?the bersa that i now own because of you guys is a damn good pistol? i just wanna say thanks guys for helping me. was not for you guys i would not own a german mak, and the bersa thunder ,380 !they are very good pistols !!look what i would be missing out on 2 really good pistols for the money. have not had time too shoot then but as soon as i do ill give you guys a range report !! jonboy
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jonboy, want another heads up? The Bersa Thunder 45 is a real sleeper. How good is it? I use one for a car/carry gun five days a week. What do I use on the other two days? You are right it is my Bersa Thunder 380. I love handguns that work but don't cost an arm and a leg. Regards, Richard:D

My Bersa Thunder 45:

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I'm telling you - if you have confidence in the .380 ACP round, the Bersa Thunder might be the best value out there for SD.

I got mine for $ 220 - and haven't looked back. Feeds EVERYTHING, is accurate, conceals well and strips and cleans easily.

I simply can't recommend this pistol enough. Loaded with Remington GS and sufficient practice I'm confident it will do its part in a "low threat" environment.
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