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Hello. Little trading over the weekend landed me a pristine in-the-box blued Beretta Model 90 in .32 acp, made from ca. 1969-1983. I've been attending gunshows such as Ohio Gun Collectors Ass'n events for years and never saw one of these before.

It looks much like a Walther PPK, with a dash of H&K Model 4 thrown in. It uses a frame mounted thumb safety rather than a decocker/safety on the slide. Apparently to satisfy post '68 laws they added a slide catch lever after the first year or so, mine has it but the picture on the box doesn't! Markings include 'Beretta Armi Roma', never saw Rome mentioned on one of their guns before.

I'm clueless about pictures, don't own a digital camera anyhow, so if somebody else wants to post one step right up, with my thanks. And of course anybody who has experience with one of these chime on in. Don't know if I'll be shooting this gun or not, it really is close to 100%, and it's awfully sweaty weather to go to my club this week in any event.

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