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I've had people who carry .38 Specials with 125-grain +P ammo tell me that my BHP is "inadequate."

Okay, let's see: the 125 +P .38 gives a velocity of 950 fps.

My 124-grain Hydra Shoks leave the muzzle at around 1,150 fps.

I also get 13 tries before I have to think about reloading.

The comment about choosing platform before caliber really resonated with me; I wasn't a huge Hi Power fan till I realized that the one auto I owned which NEVER fails is the beaten up old MKIII I bought on a whim several years ago. Once I started shooting it some, I discovered that it turned me into a really, really good shot. As many others have found, the thing points very naturally, almost as an extension of my hand.

Did I mention that I get 13 tries instead of five or six?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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