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Hi Gents,

We have an individual picture resizer in place as of last night. Again, my thanks to Shibby for doing his end of this.

Go to User CP --> Edit Options --> Thread Display Options

You will see this:

The highlighting was done by me only on this picture, for clarification. What you see will not be highlighted. The fields will be the same, though.

I have 800x600 in my fields. That's the maximum size I want the pictures to show as.

You can enter any numbers you wish, though some may look funny! Standard sizes are 100x75 for thumbnail size, 640x480 for smaller pictures and older monitors, and 800x600 for standard size. This last, 800x600, is the maximum size that will allow good viewing with 15" monitors.

It will resize the pics to this size, no matter how large, and you may still see the full-sized pic by clicking on the bar at the top.

This is better than the previous system, as it's highly individualized.

Feel free to play around with the system. These are your own personal settings and will not effect others' settings.

You may PM Shibby or me if you have any trouble.


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