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44SpecialDave, Lucky Lynn, and I spent a pleasant hour after work at the Double Action Range in Madison Heights, MI. All shooting was at 10 yards as I was having a hard time picking up the front sight. This was partially due to my eyesight and partially the lighting.

The first handgun to be dealt with is a Springfield Armory XD 9504 45GAP pistol. The fellow on the lane next to me was shooting a XD 9504 and let me to put five rounds through his. After only five rounds with this pistol, I want one. I can honestly say it was soft shooting, accurate, compact, had great ergomics, and between the owner and I 100 rounds went through it with no malfis. I flat out prefer the 45GAP in a XD 9504 to a Glock 23 in 40 S&W etc. The felt recoil of this 45GAP in a XD 9504 was less than that of my Makarov pistols (Maks).

In exchange for my shooting his XD 9504 I allowed the man to shoot two of my EG Maks. He was very impressed with these little pistols and amazed by the low price I paid for them. I shot Fiocchi ammo, all groups were centered but high on the target Maks are sighted in for 25 yards and this is why they shoot high at 10 yards. The results of this shooting was both Maks produced medium orange sized groups with many rounds touching the next. The first EG Mak is my blued one; it wears plain Novak sights and is very easy to shoot fast and accurately. The second EG Mak is the one I bought from Gary Morris, it wears A/O sights and it is harder for me to shoot fast. I fired fifty rounds and I had no jams or stoppages with either pistol.

The next two handguns I fired were my 3
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