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I'm sure this has been asked before, however I would still like to find out more about this firearm. I have asked similar qyestions on other boards but recieved very little imput.

I have an A-100 9mm. It looks good, feels good and shoots well. I know that Astra is no longer in business so how hard is it to find parts ??? I was told that it would fit in a Sig holster, but wich one ??? A 220, 226, or other ???

Thanks for any info :)

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From the last article I read about the A100. It was supposed to have been modeled after the Sig 226 but it looks a lot like the 220. I would say that it would work in either holster.
Also if you do a search you will find that Astra is back in business. Not selling in the US yet. And it seems the only hand guns being made are 1911s.

I own two Astra A100 in 9mm. Love them.
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