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Came across an Astra 44 mag w/2 3/4" barrel, has Pachmayer rubber grips w/ the finger grooves. Adj. sights, nice deep blue finish.Been trying to find out anything I can about it; seems such a thing never existed, as far as the Gun Digest is concerned. They show some long barrel Astra magnums, nothing in a snubbie.
Tried a few cyl's. full of 240 gr. factory magnums in it, hard to describe. The muzzle blast messed up my hair;caused my bootlaces to become untied, but no permanent damage. My son has it now, he's in the USAF,living off-base in rural Arkansas,keeps it by the bed,full of 1000 FPS reloads. It's accounted for a lot of moccasins in the swamp behind his place, using CCI shotshells, and lots af fun can-killin', as well. Fit, finish, overall quality/function seems excellent, way beyond anything I'd have expected from such an off- brand oddball piece. Accurate,even. Anybody know anything about these things?
Just to gloat, it came in a package deal with a nice older model 36 [email protected] .38, and a Charter Undercover.38, all 3 VG to ex. cond.,all for $300.!!!I'd overheard the previous owner offering them for sale to the local gun shop about this time last year, they offered him $265. A quick chat in the parking lot and my Christmas shopping was done.[The Charter went to my stepson, Santa let me keep the Smith-she had a weak moment]
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