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Can anyone enlighten me on Astra .357s? I'd appreciate first hand experiences over stories.



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I managed a gun store from '88 to '90 between college and law school. We had a few (3? 4?) Astra .357s come through the store used in that time. Their trigger pulls were always very light and smooth, but they were universally out of time. (This was somewhat unusual.) Additionally, I recall that the cylinder bolts were often peened (I was left with the impression that the metal hadn't been properly hardened.) The store owner, who had been in the gun business for 20 years at that point, held them in disdain. They tended to be priced at about 60-70% what a similarly featured S&W used revolver would go for, and they lingered in the case even at that price.

It's not much, but it's my experience with the Astra .357 revolvers. Based on this experience, I wouldn't own one.
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