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I was at the good ol' army-navy store yesterday, and noticed what appeared to be a Colt D-frame, in LNIB condition. Closer examination revealed it to be stamped with the name of a company I'd never heard of before: ArmsCor. Noticing the $250 pricetag, I immediately figure the gun to be glorified pot metal, but I ask to have a look anyway.

Surprise, surprise.

It's no Colt, but the trigger seems usable, and the fit and finish, while not S&W or Colt quality, are downright respectable.

I might have considered buying it, right there, but there's always the one great demon in disguise of the firearms world, to worry about: metallurgy.

So, I decided to do some research on ArmsCor, and see whether I should look into this any further. Turns out they're actually a pretty big company, based in the Phillipines, but I want to know whether or not they're a quality company.

Does anybody know anything about these people?

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I have an Armscor 1911(Brand: Rock Island Armory). Quite a few rounds through it without a problem. In terms of quality Armscor backs their products with a lifetime warranty and has great customer service here in the US. In the Phillipines their products are held in pretty high regard and are used in competition.

Like you, I was concerned about buying an Armscor gun, when a "quality" gun ran just a bit more. But after talking with several competition shooters, with 10-15k rounds through their guns. And talking with owners with 5-10k rounds through their guns, I was convinced it wasn't too bad of a buy.

So, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Armscor product. However, at the price you described, I'd probably opt to for a used S&W.


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I looked at all of the Smiths, too, but all he had were J-frames.

Maybe I'm wierd, but I want a six-shot snubby. I either want a Model 19 2 1/2," or a Colt D frame. I sort of preferred the Model 19, but now that I've held the rough equivalent of D-frame, I have to say that its weight and size were just about perfect for what I want this gun for.

The trouble is that most folks who have the old Colts hang on to them.
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