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Argentine Hi Power

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I picked this up at a pawn shop today. It was made in Argentina by FM (I presume), imported by Armscorp. The only non-import markings on it are the serial numbers and "F.N. Browning" on the slide. From what I gather, this was made when FM was operating under license and supervision from FN.

It doesn't appear to have been shot much, if at all. Internally, very little of the paint/epoxy finish is worn. Slide to frame, and barrel to slide fits are very tight. It actually has a pretty decent trigger pull, better than I recall my Browning version having prior to gunsmithing. The magazine doesn't have much of a wear spot from the mag disconnect either.

This is probably going to be a "truck gun", where it won't be a major financial loss if stolen. For what the pawn shop charged, it's almost a no-lose situation.

In a little brighter lighting:

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Some would say yes and others would say no. I offer that since it was made using FN tooling by factory workers originally trained by FN technicians that, while not as finely finished, it is essentially the equivalent of an FN military contract BHP.
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