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Argentine Ballister Molina?

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Hello all,

Jim H. suggested that this may be what I'm looking for- basically a 1911 without a grip safety.

I am wondering, what can I actually do with one of these?

These items will need to be changed:

Hammer (don't necessarily need a commander type, but would need to at least chop the spur with a drimmel).

Trigger: Prefer an adjustable, but can live with stock.

Thumb Safety: I must make this ambidextrous. I'm a lefty.

It would also be nice to have rubber grip panels though I could make my own wooden ones.

The one example I've ever seen of the BM looked like potmetal... how weak is it?

Anything anyone can tell me on this piece would be more than welcome. Please remember that my gunsmithing skills are limited to polishing chambers and feed ramps, and changing springs. (This is leaving out long gun work).


Josh <><
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I feel certain that there are few aftermarket parts for the BM save those that interchange with the 1911.

The hammer and trigger are not among those. The trigger is a pivoting affair much like the Star B...as such it should be able to be tuned pretty light but I am not sure what kine of overtravel arrangement could be made.

G.Gordon Liddy makes the claim in his novel, "The Monkey Handlers" (a really good read which includes a Gunsite Service Pistol used by one of the protagonists) that the BMs were made from steel salvaged from one of the German Battleships or Battlecruisers (Either the Tripitz or the Graph Spee but I really don't remember). While this sounds cool I don't know if it is true nor does it mean much since some steels used might not be all that hard anyway.

I do know from experience that the Stars are soft. I also know that the 1911 pattern Argentines are also even though they are extremely well fitted.

One of my partners and my Sheriff each have an Argentine 1911a1. The Sheriff's keeps plugging right along but my partners cracked the slide after about 70,000 rounds (shucks :)).

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