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Anyone Familar with this Ammunition?

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Hello. Is anyone familar with this ammunition?

I'll be testing some soon.

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What type of ammunition is it and who is the manufacturer? Thanks. Best.
Hello. It's being sold by Chey Tac and is made by Lost River Ballistic Technologies, Inc.

It looks like that old PSP ammo . . . the stuff with the brass hollowpoints in the .25 acp. 1200 fps, IIRC. Anyway, the new stuff looks like that mated with a Cor-bon Pow'rball.

Am I in the ballpark? ???
Hello. Yes, I believe you are. I have no idea of the expected expansion characteristics but will find out soon.

Looks like some of that Glaser Safety type ammo.

What's the specs on it.........bullet weight, velocity etc.
Stephen, I'm not familiar with this type of ammo, but please keep us posted about your test results. I'm very interested to see what it does.

Hello Stephen,

I read your review of this stuff.
Great report. Thanks.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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