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Hello. Here is an interesting Commander-size 1911 intended for an admiral (name not known to me) who is somehow associated with Cheytac & Associates (www.cheytac.com). For folks liking Damascus steel and light rails the gun probably looks pretty neat.

I'm told that the only problem was that the gun didn't work after some improperly done gunsmithing.

Teddy Jacobson of Actions by T (www.actionsbyt.com) advises that Claudio Salassa of Briley in Houston, TX saved the frame and installed two ramped barrels, one plain and one for a suppressor to be attached.

Mr. Jacobson airbrushed the titanium frame with a coating from NIC Industries, reworked the internal parts and fitted the barrels with a Briley spherical bushing fitted to the slide. The adjustable trigger stop has been silver soldered. I was told that he has over 90 hours work in this one gun and has several more to do.

The pistol is wearing grips by Esmerelda.

This pistol will be on display at the SHOT Show at the Cheytac booth. While this particular version of the 1911 might not be my first choice, I do like the unique looks of the Damascus slide. "Liking" and being able to afford can be two different things of course!


The picture didn't do the pistol justice, not by any means!
We had the opportunity to go by and talk to Anthony this afternoon and take a look at and handle this commander. I must say we were all impressed with the quality of the workmanship, but it didn't surprise us, it's what we expected from Mr. Jacobson. The barrel fit that Claudio did on this pistol was superb as we expected also. It was the first experience I had with the Briley Spherical bushing. I must say that it is quite an interesting concept and I may use it in the future to try it out.

Here are a few more picture's, I just wish we could have gotten some better one's. There were a few we were asked not to publish, sorry. The Admiral will be highly pleased with this pistol I am sure.

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