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Ammunition Brand Preferences

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Just out of curiosity, with no deeper motives! :) And sorry if I left out somebody's top choice!
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I voted "Other." All of the above save custom handloads.

Speer is my least favorite among these as their +P GD load in 9mm doesn't push the GD as fast as Black Hills will, but it's still fine.

Besides the handloads, I will and have carried all of these.

Josh <><
Hello. I voted "Remington" as my "always" gun is loaded with Remington .38 Special +P 158-gr. LSWCHP ammo. In my nines, one would most often find Winchester 127-gr. +P+ or Corbon 115-gr. +P DPX. (Opps! Just checked a Mk III and found it was loaded with Federal 115-gr. JHP, standard pressure, from the last range trip!) In .45 ACP, Winchester 230-gr. Ranger JHP or Remington 230-gr. Golden Sabers. The .357 magnum load used is Winchester 145-gr. STHP.

It seems that ammunition has come a long way in the past twenty years; I suspect that most people would have loaded Remington or Winchester back then (not many more choices), and it's interesting that an old favorite (Remington) gets Stephen's nod in his "it" gun, with Remington and Winchester loads making up the bulk of your ammo selections. Josh, like you I have carried many of these choices, but my daily carry gun today is loaded with Speer Gold Dots. Time for me to vote! ;)
Winchester Ranger T RA9T is my duty and always carry load of choice.
Hello, fortyofforty. The Gold Dot is darned hard to beat in my experience. Saw a picture of a forty-five dug out of a felon (He no longer cared about it...forever) and have had good results with them in animals in .45 and other calibers.


Right now I have the 124gr+P EFMJ on me, over 40 rounds.

That could change to 30 rounds of Gold Dot loaded by Black Hills with a quick trip to my place.

Prior to a couple weeks ago I had enough Cor
Good Morning!

[edited to add:] Since I carry the snubbies mostly nowadays, I voted Federal (125gr Nyclads in most of the snubbies).

Other Federal I use regularly: 147gr HydraShoks in the G19, 158gr SWCHP in the K frames, 135gr Hydrashok in the G27, 230gr HydraShok in the G30.

Winchester comes in second. 115gr Silvertips in the Browning and the 940, 155gr Silvertips in the G23, 85gr Silvertips in the Colt Pocket Pistol. Super-X or NATO ball where required. Prolly switching to the USA 115gr in 9mm when my stocks of Silvertips get low.

Lapua wadcutters in the .32 snubby, K32 and Colt Police Positive Target. (mostly carried whilst hunting with long guns)

Been trying out the Remington 100-packs of JHP from Walmart lately; might change some pieces over to those if they work out. Pal is using them in the G26 for qual and carry. Can't beat the pricing on a fixed income. Also have about a case of 124gr +P Golden Sabres that I might go to in the G19.

Might switch a few loads over to Gold Dots, especially the 200gr +P for the G30 and the 'snubby load' in the 342. Rather pricey though.

I prolly forgot something or other.

[edited to add:] (Gads I ramble in the morning when the server is slow! Sorry about that :) Lotta tpyo's to fix too.)


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Rem GoldenSaber 230gr in my 45.

Oh, and also GoldenSaber 125gr+p in my 38 special!!

There is just something about that stiff brass jacket that tears a big hole as the jacket petals open! The bullet is well named.

Hi there,

Federal Hydra Shoks are my preferred carry load.

For my 1911 I use Winchester Ranger RA45T and for my HP I use Winchester Ranger T RA9T.

Mostly Federal 230HS in .45, Hornady 180XTP in 10mm.
Currently carry Speer 124 Gr Gold Dots but am considering Black Hills Gold. Would the Black Hills remanufactured ammo be a good choice for range work. I do like the 124 gr for my BHP, it works well.
I voted Winchester because I have the 127 gr +P+ version in my Hi Power carry gun, but I really like the Speer 124 gr Gold Dots - they work well in all my guns, and have a solid reputation.

Seems the voting got shut down?

S&W M638: Speer Gold Dot 135gr GDHP +P .38spl.
SP101: Speer 135gr GDHP +P or Rem. 158gr. LSWCHP +P .38 spl.

9mm: Right now, 100gr. Corbon "Pow R'Ball" jhp +P
Didn't want to start a new thread since this is already about brand....But where do you buy your ammo?

WalMart carries some of the low end Winchester and Remington (UMC) but none of the more special SD rounds that many of us use, like HydraShok, GoldenSaber, GoldDot.

So do you always find what you want at a gunshop or do you buy internet??

If internet, who do you like??

og....I'm having trouble finding good stuff at any local shop.

Here in San Antonio, Sportsman's Warehouse carries quite a few of the Gold Dots/Hydrashoks/Golden Sabres. A Cabela's up the road in Buda also has them. Don't know if you have either of those in your area. Also a local gunshop called Dury's seems to cater to local police, and has some of these brands, so if you can find a local store that focuses on LEOs, maybe you'll have better luck. But I still haven't been able to find any of the Speer 135gr .38 ammo for snubbies that I read so much about. Nor Corbon DPX. Else I might have voted differently.

Good luck.

Hi og, first: that is quite a great set-up on yer M37 snubbie over on the other thread!

I have had farily good results getting ammo from the usual online folks: Natchez, S Guide, Midway, Georgia Arms, etc.

These days I usually buy in quantity from gunshows here in Texas to save on the shipping costs. I have obtained the Speer 135gr. +Ps from Collector's in Houston and Glick Twins in Pharr/S. Texas. Don't know why it is so hard to get in SA and elsewhere...
I carry Gold Dots loaded to +P+, 115gr, in 9mm and +P, 185gr, in .45ACP. But they produced by Georgia Arms.
been using fiocchi 9mm alot at the range
that ran out and tried some winchester white box
I think the fiocchi is a bit hotter
but noticed my gun stays alot cleaner with the winchester.
is how dirty some ammo makes your gun an issue beyond just more time spent for clean up?
is there any wear and tear, corrosion, functional issue to prefer cleaner burning ammo?
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