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Recently I ordered two cases of Speer Lawman 124 grain 9mm from Ammoman. I've dealt with them several times before and didn't expect any problems.

I happened to be home when UPS brought my packages, and the driver pointed out immediately that something was wrong.

Both boxes had been in water! One of them was actually falling apart, and the boxes of ammo inside were also in pretty rough shape. The second box wasn't quite as bad, but the ammo was wet.

I refused the delivery and called Ammoman the next morning. The call took all of two minutes--a very nice gentleman told me to email them with details of what had happened and they'd make good.

I did so, expecting that several weeks would pass before I'd hear anything, if ever. WRONG! Four or five days later I received an email from UPS which informed me that my order had been shipped. Four days after that the boxes arrived at my doorstep in perfect condition.

This was a totally painless process. It wasn't Ammoman's fault that UPS had dropped the ball, and while I know they got their money back on the first shipment, it really made me feel good that they care enough about their customers to make things as easy as possible when problems arise.

They have earned my business and my respect.
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