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Okay folks,

Between this board and similar others, I see lots of queries regarding how one selects defense ammunition. Here are my selection criteria in rank order of importance to me:

1. Feeding reliability

Reliability is always first with me. The rest of it...........shot placement is the key.

Can do all the testing in the world, but no "wonder" bullet will work if its not put in the right spot.

Combat accuracy is good enough for me. I haven't run across a factory load that won't combat group @ 25yds.

There's 3 that I can reccommend for the .45;
Federal Tactical L.E., Speer Gold Dot, and Win Ranger SXT. All 230gr., all will hold good accuracy, and will do the job when placed properly.

I look at tests with grain or more of salt. If the bullet is at least a reliable expander and feeder, then it should do well.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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