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Probably nothing new to any of you but I'm experiencing some ammunition sticker shock ordering on line for when I return. I had noticed some slight price increases last fall when I ordered some "game" rounds for when I returned on leave. Now I'm building another shopping cart for my redeployment, I can't seem to find any decent .223 at a reasonable price. Maybe 18 months ago I was getting XM-193, or AE.223 for 3-4 bucks a carton. Now the price is somewhere around 10-12 bucks if I can even find it. While not quite as severe, I noticed a major increase for good range 9mm and .45 too. I'm sure it has a lot to do with war demand, energy prices and weak dollar. "Hoarding" perhaps? Anything else? Do you think we're looking at a drastically higher price reset for good or do you think it will recede?
Guess I'm glad I built a "strategic reserve" a few years ago. Wondering if I need to get into the reloading business!
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