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Ammo Prices

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Probably nothing new to any of you but I'm experiencing some ammunition sticker shock ordering on line for when I return. I had noticed some slight price increases last fall when I ordered some "game" rounds for when I returned on leave. Now I'm building another shopping cart for my redeployment, I can't seem to find any decent .223 at a reasonable price. Maybe 18 months ago I was getting XM-193, or AE.223 for 3-4 bucks a carton. Now the price is somewhere around 10-12 bucks if I can even find it. While not quite as severe, I noticed a major increase for good range 9mm and .45 too. I'm sure it has a lot to do with war demand, energy prices and weak dollar. "Hoarding" perhaps? Anything else? Do you think we're looking at a drastically higher price reset for good or do you think it will recede?
Guess I'm glad I built a "strategic reserve" a few years ago. Wondering if I need to get into the reloading business!
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Hi Bowwave.

It has been going on for about a year and a half now. All the surplus .223 had completely dried up by last spring and the stuff made available since then is outrageous. I live just down the road from Widener's Reloading Supplies here in East Tennessee and every time they receive .223 ammo it evaporates instantly. I was told recently that they received 50,000 rounds of it one evening and it was all spoken for the next morning. Much the same for Aimsurplus and other ammo suppliers. So we not only have extremely high prices, there is tremendous competition for what little ammo is out there to be had. So if you have a source, you'd better jump on it quick.

We were told by the manufcturers and observers last spring and summer to expect large price increases because of increases in the price of components, and they nailed it! Ammo prices have been going out the overheads for six months or more. Some of the best prices on plinking stuff in pistol calibers and .223 is still at Walmart, I'm sorry to say. I'm sure others on the site can direct you to some of the better prices, but the old days are gone forever, we're told.

Sorry for the bad news and best wishes on a good cruise.

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I have watched 9mm climb from $6/50 to $8/50 and that is when you buy 500 of them. Prices of all of it has gone up signifcantly. 45 ACP has climbed to $15/50 when you get 500. 38 SPL has gone up too. There is still plenty of it for sale though.

In 223 and 762 SOV, the cheap stuff has evaporated in the last year. 762/308 has gotten hard to find too. Only 762 Russian (54R) and 545 Soviet are still available in bulk at somewhat reasonable prices. Gone are the days when you bought an SKS and they threw in a case of chinese ammo for free.

I used to find it difficult to convince myself to pick up either the 556 or 9mm brass. Not so much any more. I am uncertain that any of this will get any better. First, it is heavy. Next, it is in demand. Third, it is metal. and Finally, we appear to be competing with the rest of the world for it.

I do not shoot reloads in my Glocks or in competition. But I do practice with reloads and from time to time I will roll my own from new for a match. Reloading is just not for saving money.
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