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lol, @ mister Coffee. I like how the app uses the UPC code to keep track of things. I could even keep track of my mags if I wanted too. This app looks pretty kewl.

I'm not sure sure why the admin didn't like me talking about an app I mentioned but I'm going to mentioning it again, because I see others on this forum post apps and trying to sell it on here like a business and those don't get pulled.

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Here's the thing:

You come here, and one of your first posts is to a software site. That's how spam bots operate.

The app looks like a good one. Are you the author?

It would be awesome if you told us a lot more about the app when posting it. Like, I see it's available for Apple, but I use Android. Is it available to us who use the Android OS?

We're really not uptight here. It just appears that there was a misunderstanding. I'm 36 and I'm the youngest of the moderating team. I've been really busy with my business, though, and haven't been able to be around nearly as much as I want to be.

You might post an introduction telling us about yourself, though, here: New Member Introductions - Handguns and Ammunition Forums

It will give us a better idea of who you are and maybe keep the red flags from going up.

I did bookmark the app site, though, and will put it back in the message a bit later. I'd like to see an intro posted and maybe a bit more participation first to keep the mod team from getting nervous.

I was up really late last night (well, til 7am actually) working, so I'm not going to continue trying to type :) I'll hop back on later.

Thank you for understanding!

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