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Aguila .45 Ammunition

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Anyone know anything about Aguila FMJ 230-grain .45? Ran across some today at the gun show for $19 a hundred, which is a steal, so I bought a hundred rounds to try. I'm just wondering if anyone knows much about it. I've heard it's made in Mexico and that an American company owns the factory (Remington)? The ammo appears decent, cases seem uniform and the bullets look fine. I'll run it through my 1911 before too long and report back. Anyone know about the quality of it?

Thanks guys,

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Thank you for the info Mr. Camp. I will shoot it up as soon as I get the chance and post a full range report.

Range Report:

Aguila .45 Ammunition 230-grain FMJ. I finally got to the range today with my dad and we put 50 of these Aguila rounds down range. In my father's Officer's Model 1911, the ammunition performed flawlessly with his standard 6-round magazine. Accuracy was acceptable for him, staying in a the 8-point ring of a standard target at 15 yards. He fired about 35 of the rounds. The remaining I shot through my Rock Island Full Size 1911, at 15 yards.

The ammo had snappy performance, I'd been shooting WWB earlier and the Aguila had more "zippiness" to it. Of the 15 or so rounds I fired I had one round that had an FTF mid-way through a 7-round magazine. This could've been contributed to a dirty gun, as I'd fired roughly 100 rounds of various ammo, before this. All, I had to do was rack the slide and let her run forward and the problem was solved. Accuracy for me was more the acceptable, I shot about a half-dollar sized group at 15 yards, center, about 1" low.

The ammo didn't seem any dirtier than WWB or S&B .45. All in all I'd say for the price I paid(about $8.50 per 50 rounds with tax), the ammo was an excellent buy. All rounds appeared new, cases appeared uniform, no bulging, scoring, or marks on the ammo. It was packaged "loose" in plastic bags, but a couple of spare ammo boxes solved that. Fired brass appeared to be reusable, although I don't reload so I can't say for certain.

For those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the gentleman I purchased from makes several local shows. His website is: www.ammo4u.net . I do not know if he can do the same price on the ammo mail-order, but he does the price at the local shows. I intend to purchase more from him in the future and shoot the other 50 rounds I have of this. I find it a great bargain and good ammunition.

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I'd be a little concerned about a FTF after only 100 rounds or so. What were your magazines like, have there been patterns of unreliability? 230RNFMJ should work flawlessly in any decent 1911 and good mags. I've seen as many as 1500 LSWC reloads shot through a competition pistol that still perked just fine given a little relubrication.
My mags are 7-round Mil-Surps and they work flawlessly. I say I wasn't concerned about that malf for a variety of reasons. #1 The gun was dirty #2 I'm fairly certain I limp wristed it #3 The gun worked flawlessly with absolutely everything else, including two full mags of Winchester hollow points #4 This is the only malfunction I've had with these magazines.

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