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Affordable .357 ammunition for practice

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While considering obtaining some .357 magnum (I know the whole .38 special is cheaper better for practice etc. but I didn't post about .38 special did I
) for strictly practice use with my 4" S&W 686+ I came across this website http://east.outdoormarksman.com/product_info.php?cPath=65_1_10&products_id=457
This leads me to ask you fine gentleman, Is this ammunition good for practicing with a full magnum load or should I look at another website manufacturer etc. ? If the ammunition is of decent quality, should I stict with the 158 gr. for practice or get a different loading?

Thank you for your time and your posts are appreciated.
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Well if the revolver is for defense and you are going to carry it by all means you should practice some with full house .357's that you are going to use. When I use a revolver I practice a lot with .38's but the last 10 or 12rds I shoot what I am carrying for defense. I have shot this caliber most of my life and I still enjoy it. So far as the ammo you are looking at I never have shot any as I roll my own. I see where it is rated at 1050fps. A good +P+ will turn those numbers. Good luck.

Best Baldy
load is a little wimpy,, not sure what you are looking for, I get the impression you are trying to duplicate the feel of your defensive ammo in a lower cost practice load, on the same websight click on the Federal American Eagle ammo, slightly higher cost but loaded 200 fps faster and made by a known entity with a reputation for good reliable accurate ammo. You'll be able to recoup your cost by putting the 500 matching federal headstamp brass on Ebay.
Here is the same company's load at 200fps faster
(and consequently $15 pricier), I didn't notice they loaded their jhp faster since I was looking for practice stuff. So now that the velocity is a little better would anyone recommend this stuff? Or should I go with a different brand etc.?

P.S. yes the goal of my practice if for self-defense. sorry I should have clarified. Thank you all for your responses so far.
For most of your training purposes you can go with a lighter load. The goal of most of your training should be to fine-tune your basic gun-handling skills. These include drawing the sidearm, acquiring the target with a good sight picture, trigger press, and follow-through. These skills do not require maximum velocity or recoil, but they DO require a lot of repitition. It's easier to shoot more reps if your gun isn't beating you up.

I generally practice with lighter loads for the first 150-180 rounds of a typical training session, then finish up with 20-50 full power loads to polish things up. It's cheaper, easier on me, and easier on my guns, particularly my 357 Magnums.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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