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A Pearl Harbor survivor and his Colt....

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Ens Tom Anderson of Seattle, WA was the OOD (Officer Of The Deck) on the USS Utah on the morning of 7 December, 1941. A few minutes after he assumed the watch, the first of two Japanese aerial torpedoes struck the old battleship and she rolled over taking many officers and men to the bottom where she rest today.

Three weeks after the attack, this Colt M1911 and holster rig was issued to Ens Anderson. I aqquired it from his family. Tom Anderson is in a nursing home in Issaquah, WA suffering from Parkinsons Disease..... I have been in contact with his daughter trying to get more information about his Naval service after Pearl Harbor. If I receive the info, I will post it here..

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Very interesting. I think it is great when there is a story to go along with these old pistols. I know I would certainly like to know the background on my own 1911. Thanks for the neat story.

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