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My introduction to the High Power was when I was about 14. I had gone to the sporting goods store managed by a family friend to buy a pair of Adidas football boots (rugby union). The shop had a small firearms counter, and as we were talking Mr. Daniels, the friend/manager served a customer who was looking at pistols. As he was about to put away the High Power he had on display Mr. Daniels asked if I would like to have a look at it - meaning actually handle it. I suspect my interest was more than a little obvious. As I held it, felt its balance, I decided that one day I would own one - had to own one. To me then, it was like an art lover dreaming of owning a Rembrandt, or a Picasso.

I've used and owned alot of different guns over the years, but the High ppwer is still a work of art to me, and the one gun I'll never be without.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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