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Very nice.

I once had the opportunity to purchase a full Nazi-marked Walther P38 when I was a full time college student.

Problem was just that however. I was a full time college student. Couldn't afford it.

I love the way they feel. Even with the limited mag capacity for a duty-sized 9mm and the slower reloading, I might consider non-collectable one for carry alternate to my Taurus 92, or as a full-sized backup as I used to carry, in addition to the Taurus, a 4" Smith Model 19 with a .22 auto in my pocket. This was for when I had to travel to the bad parts of Vincennes IN where hidden meth labs were likely.

I digress however. Nice lookin', nice feelin', want one. How finicky are they? Or do you shoot your collectors Sir?


Josh <><
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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